Tomahawks Upgrade/Replacement Pinnies

The purpose of this for you to get a FREE upgrade to the new 2012 Tomahawks uniform pinnie. Due to the vendor's mismatching the new boys uniform colors, we are offering a free upgrade to all 2013 returning players who already have an old (yellow) 2011 uniform pinnie. The details are: 1) Offer ONLY available to 2013 returning players - i.e. if you are an 8th grader and going to High School next year, you are ineligible. 2) You must currently own the 2011 version uniform pinnie - aka the one with primary yellow as the accent color 3) You must exchange (i.e. give to the Club) your 2011 uniform pinnie when the new one arrives in May. If you already purchased a 2012 uniform in the new style, you are not eligible for this offer... Please complete this form by Friday, March 16th The pinnie should arrive in May - in time for Summer Camps and Fall Ball.
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