Public Hearing: Support Health Equity Now!

End Separate and Unequal care in New York hospitals! Support the Health Equity Bill! Thursday May 10th, 2012 250 Broadway, NY, NY 10007 Assembly Hearing Room 10 AM (arrive at 9:30 AM for security and bring a photo ID) --- WHAT IS THE HEALTH EQUITY BILL? The Health Equity Bill (S5785/A07699) ensures that ALL patients get affordable, quality health care at New York hospitals regardless of how they pay. WHAT DOES THE BILL DO? Right now, privately insured patients are seen in private doctor's offices called "faculty practices", while patients on Medicaid or the uninsured are seen mostly in the "clinic" system. Hospitals tend to give less physician, financial, and administrative support to the clinic system. As a result, the clinics have long wait times, constantly rotating physicians, no after hours care, and a generally lower quality of care as compared to the faculty practices. This bill stop the separation of patients based on insurance type and require that all patients are treated equally when they go to a teaching hospital for care. It will make hospitals more fair so that everyone has access to good health care. WHY IS THE BILL IMPORTANT? Low-income communities and communities of color have some of the greatest health needs in all of New York. They have higher rates of heart disease and diabetes, lower life expectancy rates, and are more often recipients of inadequate health care. They are also more likely to receive care in the clinic systme, so bey addressing the unequal treatment of patients in clinics we can help make sick communities healthier. -- For more information: Email Alyssa Aguilera at or call 212.244.4664 x279
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