Call for Session Topics

We want to ensure there is a broad mix of topics for the first freelancecamp in Toronto, but we also have limited space. Please list the session topic you would like to present and the planning committee will let you know if your session is selected. If so, you'll then be invited to schedule your session. Remember, this event is about sharing knowledge about the business of freelancing and how to not only survive as a freelancer, but to succeed. Suggestions that do not illustrate how the session applies to the business of freelancing will not be invited to present. Keep on topic! The deadline for submitting topics is Fri May 4, 2012. All sessions will be limited to 45mins in length, including any introduction(s) and a Q+A period you choose to include. We expect to see some duplicate session topics, so we might combine some of your ideas and choose a moderator and invite you to form a panel instead. PLEASE NOTE: session speakers need to purchase an attendee ticket from Individuals that are not registered will not be invited to speak.
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