This is What Abundance Looks Like: 2012-2013 Stewardship

As you ponder your expenses and giving plans for 2012-2013, please: -Consider what FUSD provides you, your family, your community, and your world; -Consider that FUSD needs an average of $1,570 per member ($131/month or $30/week) to reach our pledge goal. -Consider giving based on a percentage of income. Many members strive for 5% of their household income. -Remember that FUSD pays a total of $84 per member to the Mountain Desert District ($26) and the Unitarian Universalist ($58) -We recognize that everyone cannot give equally. Your giving communicates and demonstrates your connection to this spiritual home. It is an expression of your life circumstances, hopes, dreams, and ideals. -Consider your values, commitment, your income, and your needs. Then give as generously as you can!
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