"Twenty-First Century World Englishes: Based on Individuals, not the Countries"

Dear Participant, This survey aims to provide data for the study entitled "Twenty-First Century World Englishes: Based on Individuals, not the Countries". In this study, Kachru's Circles (inner, outer & expanding) are reviewed. The results of the study will be presented at a conference at Bogazici University in Istanbul. Your responses will be helpful to better understand what has changed in terms of Kachru's circles in today's world. Therefore, I kindly ask you to answer the following questions as sincerely as possible since it will enhance the success of the investigation. Please be informed that your responses will be kept strictly confidential. Thank you very much for devoting your time and contribution. Dr. Sedat Akayoglu akayoglu_s@ibu.edu.tr Abant Izzet Baysal University Faculty of Education Department of Foreign Language Education English Language Teaching Program Bolu, Turkey
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