Vote for new International Racing Squirrels tracks!

We're polling for user feedback on new tracks for International Racing Squirrels, and would like to get your opinion on some of the ideas.
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Surface of the Moon ("Lunar Leap")
Ocean floor ("Seabed Shamble")
Logs on a river ("Log Run")
Parkour/freerunning on rooftops ("Rooftop Rumble")
Creepy circus ("Fairground Freakout")
Jungle ruins ("Aztec Challenge")
Science lab ("Lab Rat-race")
Muddy farm ("Farmyard Fury")
Underground/Metro train system ("Metro Meander")
Volcano ("Lava Palava")
Gothic graveyard/ghost train ("Ghostly Getaway")
Victorian London ("Time Twist")
Prehistoric jungle/swamps ("Prehistoric Panic")
Medieval castle ("Castle Chase")
Japanese garden ("Bonsai Bonanza")
Derelict factory ("Factory Frenzy")

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