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•First come first serve, funding request budget is $10,000 for the semester •Must submit funding request form at least 3 weeks in advance •Attend & present proposal at Executive Board meeting 2 weeks in advance of event *exact times TBD with VP (Monday, 6:30pm Wings-Davis-Wilks 118 Multiple Purpose Room) - we'll give suggestions on how to improve your presentation & add you to the agenda for GB voting •Attend & present proposal at General Body meeting (for decision) 2 weeks in advance of event *exact meeting times TBD (Wednesday, 7:30pm University Heights North 119 Multipurpose Room) •Decisions will be emailed within 24 hours of GB meeting •If approved, IRA logo must be featured on all advertisements •If IRA is funding more than 50% of program we reserve the right to have the event be titled "IRA Presents: ..." •Participation from IRA members is highly encouraged, we would like to be present at your event and help out in any way possible
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