Turing Test Test Drive

This is the poll for entry number [NUMBER] in [Christian/Atheist] round of the Ideological Turing Test. Make sure you've got the right link! The first sentence of this entry is [SENTENCE] and you can read it again at [LINK]
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Impressions of the entry

For the next two questions, I want you to judge the CONTENT of the entry. Regardless of whether you think the writer is sincere, are they making a good pitch for their side? The first question asks you to evaluate the logic of the answers. You may not share all the assumptions of the author, even if s/he is ostensibly on your side, but do you think the worldview is fairly coherent? The second question asks how attractive the worldview of the author is. For this question, try to approach the answers as you would a fantasy or scifi world. Regardless of whether it's true, is it attractive? Would you want to visit or live in that world?

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