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Mentoring Programme BPW Europe Mentoring is one of the tools to realise the aims of BPW. Our members are from all professions, they have an immense source of knowledge and experience that can be shared. Mentoring between members is a superb means to empower women and to strengthen club life. BPW sees mentoring as a learning process between two individuals. It offers support to develop a programme for mentoring between two people: a mentor and a mentee (called tandem mentoring: two people riding a bike to reach together a goal they agreed on). If you consider becoming a mentor, you can use the appflication form MENTOR, if you consider becoming a mentee, use the application form MENTEE. The data are used only for the mentoring programme. They are confidential and can be removed on request by the person responsible for Mentoring BPW Europe. The following information will be used to match your needs and interests in finding a mentor who can help support you in reaching your goals. You will be contacted by a person of BPW-Europe who is responsible for mentoring in your country or by a Task Force Member of Mentoring BPW Europe. As a potential Mentee, please complete both Parts A and B of this form!
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Part A -Personal Data

Part B - What do you want of a mentoring relationship?

Please answer the questions carefully. Ask yourself why you want a Mentor. This information will be used to help finding a Mentor for you!

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