2012-2013 Student Organization Information Form

Greetings From the Office of Diversity & Inclusion! Please Fill out the below form so that we can have updated information on your student organization All student organizations must register with student activities and involvement and abide by all university policies and procedures. However additional support and benefits will be provided for student organizations with missions that align with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI). As an organization supported by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion you will receive the following: 1. If needed, assistance locating and solidifying an advisor who actively aligns with the mission and intent of your organization. 2. Additional advisement and support from the Director for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion 3. Additional advisor training around areas specific to working with students from various social identities and historically underrepresented populations and backgrounds. 4. Additional financial support and resources for organizational programs and activities around diversity and inclusion. 5. Trainings and leadership experiences specific to organizations that traditionally attract students from underrepresented populations. 6. Support for travel to national conferences and workshops specific to organizational missions and objectives. 7. Opportunities to collaborate directly with student organizations with similar interests or objectives. For more Information please go visit http://www.longwood.edu/diversity/37848.htm Please Do No Forget to keep us updated on any changes within your organization.
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