Club & Intramural Sports Training

Please complete this online form to confirm your attendance at Club and Intramural Sports training. This opportunity is available for 2013-2014 Club and Intramural Leaders and Men's Water Polo and Club Soccer athletes. We highly encourage (and kind of require) that our core Intramural & OA Staff and two Club Sports Leaders from each invited team (one of whom needs to be a NON-SENIOR) attends this paid training session the week before school. These days are action packed with fun and work as we assist with first-year move ins, throw the week of welcome pool party, and prepare for the first Rec Sports events of the school year (ie. The First Year Olympics, the Fall Info Fair and the launch all our Fall events.) This week helps you (and the entire Rec Sports team) be ready for a great year at Saint Mary’s. With the session being both fun, AND paid time, it is a great way to kick of the year.
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