Rowan Television Network - Equipment Reservation Form

Before you fill out the Equipment Reservation Form, please take note of these... IMPORTANT PROCESS REMINDERS: *Reservations submitted less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the requested check-out time may not be processed in time, and/or may be denied at the discretion of the Tech Manager. *Reservations are processed daily, Monday through Friday. Submissions after 5pm Friday and through the weekend will be processed on Monday, or the next open business day. Arrangements for weekend equipment pickups can be made with Tech Manager in special situations. *Reservation of equipment is first-come, first serve basis and are approved at the discretion of the Tech Manager. *You will receive an email from the Tech Manager once your reservation is processed and is approved, denied, or pending other action. *Requests cannot be made earlier than two weeks to the event date but it is recommended that you request no later than three (3) days before for proper processing. *Please be on time for all equipment pickups. If you are more than fifteen (15) minutes late you may lose your reservation and have to arrange for a later pickup. Please Note: In order to use RTN equipment, you must: *Be a current student of Rowan University *Be a qualified member of the Rowan Television Network *Be camera trained (to use the cameras)
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