12X: Request a Tutor

**NOTE: This form is designed for ONE tutor request. If you would like to be tutored in more than one class, please submit individual requests for each class.** The goal of the Tutor Clearinghouse peer tutoring program is to help students learn course-specific information. Additionally, we want students to become pro-active, empowered, and accountable learners. Tutors are not meant to re-deliver lectures; it is their job to provide guidance and learning opportunities by sharing strategies appropriate to the course being studied as a means to help students learn the course material and prepare for tests and examinations. It is the obligation of the Tutor Clearinghouse staff to try to recruit a tutor for you if one is not immediately available.
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Tutees: Contract with the Tutor Clearinghouse

If you are on financial aid, the College will pay for UP TO three hours of tutoring per week per course. If you are not on financial aid, YOU WILL PAY YOUR TUTOR DIRECTLY at the rate of $9/hour. Any more than three hours per week is by arrangement with your tutor and is never paid for by anyone but the tutee. We will notify you via blitz if/when you are matched. IMPORTANT!! Your tutor will ONLY be compensated for tutoring hours once the OFFICIAL MATCH has been made by the Tutor Clearinghouse Staff. Contact your tutor within a week of your match. Attend your tutoring sessions ready to work. Always tell your tutor if you cannot meet or will be late. If your tutor does not show up for a session, wait fifteen minutes before leaving; if this happens more than twice, contact the TC and Holly Potter. Clearly communicate with the TC regarding any concerns or need for a re-match. Notify the TC immediately if you no longer need a tutor. ***To accept this contract, please write your **DID number** in the box below.

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