2013 Sweet Summer Deal Application

The Sweet Summer Deal (SSD) offers students the opportunity to enroll in up to 14 undergraduate credits and only pay for the first 10 credits. Courses eligible for SSD are offered by Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning (SSLL) and/or eLearning & Distance Education's semester-based courses. Eligible courses can be identified by section numbers starting with 'F' followed by a number or 'U' followed by a letter such as ART F201-F71 or BA F323-UX1. Contact SSLL or eLearning if you have questions about qualifying courses. In addition, students living in campus housing who are approved for the Sweet Summer Deal (SSD) and taking 11 or more credits are eligible for a discount on their summer housing of $100/credit over 10 credits, up to $400. All students in good academic standing (minimum of a 2.0 GPA) may apply for the Sweer Summer Deal regardless of their affiliation with UAF. To apply, complete the following information by May 15, 2013. Notification of acceptance will be sent via email within two weeks or by May 20, whichever is earlier. Students pay tuition for the first ten credits and all fees by May 30, 2013. SSD recipients are required to complete all courses with a grade of 'C' (2.0) or better by August 16. If this condition is not met, the SSD is revoked and the student is responsible to pay the UAF Business Office the outstanding tuition and housing charges by August 28.
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It is not necessary to update this application if you make changes in your course schedule. However, to remain eligible for the Sweet Summer Deal, any class(es) added after this application is submitted must also be eligible for SSD. Contact Summer Sessions or eLearning if you have any questions about qualifying courses.

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