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We have begun by developing an practical universal educative program the “Holiday Mission” for the Upliftment of tribal and other neglected and underdeveloped populations in Assam and surrounding areas. Specifically the purpose of this Extensive Holistic Educative Mission is to organize broadminded people from all over the world to work for the development of the socioeconomic conditions of the poor people in relation to the Environment. ‘The Mission in Earth’ is to campaign the Eco-friendly Spiritually improving educational issue in India, to raise awareness among the country politicians and bureaucrats, approaching the Governments, and the Universities and other educational bodies for recognition and affiliation of this extensive holistic education system at all levels to extend and further strengthen a base of quality education. 'Holiday Mission' arranges for the participants stay with the natives initially in the Assam State of Northeast India, enabling them get the reality of this world, which is the land of ancient history colorful culture and people, superb scenarios and some of the best walking on earth. All interested organizations and individuals who would like to widen their scope of vision and multicultural understanding through traveling are invited to participate in this Holiday Mission in Earth. I welcome one and all who are deeply concerned with the grave situation of Nature and Humanity. Your participation in this mission will be highly valued. From the date of joining, Mission takes every care for you including your food, Accommodations etc. in a homely environment and arranges all transportation during the mission. All these arrangements provide only simple accommodations and local food with the people without any extra facilities, which give the Missionaries all the privilege to get into the people and be one with them. This is a expedition with a global cause, unlimited beneficiary and very limited working force and capital. A huge number of economically poor people comprise the Mission as its family. I work with them, live with them, eat with them and enjoy with them, all that they are the structure of my Mission. I try my best to give the volunteers the reality of the people here. I take them to the kitchen of the poor people and organize party below a tree. I enjoy the air-conditioned facility provided by Mother Nature. I share the global concern of the grave situation of the Universe. ‘Holiday Mission’ provides you the unique opportunity to get into the natives, be a part of them and learn about their land, culture, way of living, the prospects for their sustainable development etc. Staying with the locals you will find the relation between human values and tradition and the linkage between cultural beliefs, environment and socioeconomic stability. This knowledge will help you to educate the people to develop their capacities for proper utilization of natural and local resources in a planned, scientific and sustained manner. All the basic principles of this mission are globally universal. We are looking for responsible organizations and individuals for sponsoring the Missionaries to this holistic purpose. However, the mission is launched on the basis of freely offered financial contribution of the participants. Your active participation will be of great help to take this ‘Mission Ultimate’ further. I believe, everyone concerned about the grave human situation would come forward to give their joining hands to this ultimate Mission. Thank you so much for your inclination to the great cause and looking forward. Pranab Saikia Mission Director
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