Application for a free genotyping

Thanks for your interest in getting genotyped and making your data available. Up to March 30th you can apply to get genotyped through the funding we got from the German WikiMedia foundation. For your application, we need some information about you, where you live etc. If we get more applications than we can pay for, we will try to make the best choice of participants. We think of people who may have rare diseases or phenotypes or in general may not fit the typical study design which often consists of male, white students inside the United States, as this group is already overrepresented in genetical studies. If your application is successful, you will get genotyped by 23andMe. We will order you a gift kit which will be delivered to your address. This gift kit includes the spit kit (which you can use to send your saliva sample back to 23andMe – the shipping fees are included in this) as well as full access to the 23andMe community, latest research findings etc. for 12 months. There is no subscription, so after a year this "premium" access will terminate automatically, you don't have to quit this for yourself. If you need any help during the application process let us know. You can contact @openSNPorg or @gedankenstuecke on Twitter or write us an eMail to Cheers, Fabian, Philipp, Helge & Bastian (the openSNP team)
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Side-Effects of publishing genetic information

Of course we would like you to publish your resulting genotyping raw data on openSNP, ideally along with some phenotypic characteristics of yourself. So please think about the possible consequences which may arise by doing so. If you get your results and find the results too problematic to publish: That is fine, we are aware of this possibility and if you'd rather not publish the final results, this would be is really sad for us, but in the end you have the last word. Please provide your opinions on the possible consequences of published data. For a short primer on open genotypings which might help you in answering the following questions, please see these talks: (the first one is in English, the second in German)

You can predict the probability for Mary to develop a specific disease based on Mary's genotyping.
You can, to a certain degree, do the same for Mary's close relatives, using her genotyping only.
You can predict the age of Mary's death using her genotyping.
Mary's cousin, Jed, has commited a crime and left some DNA evidence. Technically (this is not allowed in all countries up to now), law enforcement could compare the DNA evidence to Mary's genotyping and learn that the perpetrator of the crime is related to her.
Mary has second thoughts about her open genotyping – it's easy for her to delete from the internet so that no-one can use it.
It's possible that Mary's insurer uses her genotyping and information derived from it to determine her insurance fee.


You can use this form to apply for one of the free genotypings until 03/25/12 at 23:59 o'clock CET. We will contact everybody whether they will get their genotyping funded through us over the two weeks following the deadline.

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