St. Olaf Residence Life Student Staff Reference Form

The Student Staff Member programs at St. Olaf College have a long tradition of leadership. Individuals that are selected for these positions demonstrate strong leadership skills. Their duties include counseling peers, planning programs, enforcing policies, and serving as a support person for students. We are looking for individuals who are responsible, mature, able to think creatively and constructively, diverse, open-minded, and aware of and able to articulate their own beliefs and convictions. We are interested in hiring individuals who view college as a positive experience, want to help others, and are committed to making the residence halls a great place to live. Finally, we will try to select candidates who have a genuine respect for others, a sense of humor, are willing to learn and grow, and can accept and abide by the policies that guide community life at St. Olaf. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your thoughtful comments, as they are an important part of our selection process. After completing the reference form, if you have any additional comments that you feel will help us more accurately judge this candidate, please send a typed letter to the Assistant Director of Residence Life, Jim Love at
* Required

Self Confidence

The candidate's ability to be self-confident without being either rigid or arrogant.


The candidate's ability to be open to general social contacts and meaningful personal discussions.

Outgoingness/Willingness to Help

The candidate's ability to be willing to initiate contact with others in a positive and constructive manner and is willing to become personally involved in helping others deal more effectively with their concerns.

Problem Solving Skills

The candidate's ability to search for and find solutions that are appropriate and useful.

Listening Skills/Communication

The candidate's ability to attend to others, perceive the intent of comment, request clarification when necessary, and ability to organize thoughts and articulate them to others.


The candidate's ability to be accepting of different people and lifestyles and effectively relates to students who are different from him/herself.

Understands Community Regulation Needs

The candidate's ability to be understand the need for regulation within an interdependent community.


The candidate's ability to be take initiative and fulfill his/her obligations.


The candidate appears honorable and just, and works within a code of ethics. He or she treats others fairly and equally.

Resource Person

The candidate is knowledgeable about St. Olaf resources, community, and culture and is able to share this knowledge with others.