HRL Housing Sign-Up & Lease

All students (both current and incoming) must complete this form in order to live in on-campus housing during the academic year. This form helps us know your housing preferences and is your opportunity to review and agree to the terms of the Housing Lease. If you have already submitted this form, but wish to make a change to it, e-mail us at with the new information and we will make the adjustment for you.
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Housing Preferences

Below, select what your preferences are for your housing assignment. Note, however, that housing options for incoming first-year students are almost exclusively shared rooms with roommates and feature community-style bathrooms.

Lease Agreement

Housing & Residential Life 2012-2013 Lease Terms and Conditions 1. Housing Lease: This lease is a legally-binding document representing the contractual agreement between Stetson University and the designated lessee (residential student) under the terms prescribed below. 2. Housing Reservations: New students (those entering Stetson for the first time) will have made a housing reservation as part of the Enrollment Fee paid to Admissions. This deposit will be applied toward the student's total bill with the University. Re-entering students do not have any housing deposit fee. Students must agree to this housing lease to make a housing reservation. 3. Premises for Educational Purposes & Period of Lease: This lease is incidental to the provision of educational services and is therefore exempt from the provisions of Florida Statues Sections 83.40 through 83.681. This lease shall be binding for the full academic year defined as Fall and Spring Semester during which the student is enrolled unless otherwise stated. This lease shall become effective on the first day of the Fall semester of the academic year stated above or the first day of the Spring semester for students initiating the lease at that time, and shall terminate at the end of the ensuing Spring semester. The student agrees to live in the designated University facility during the entire period of this lease, or that portion of the lease, which remains after the student's enrollment. If the student is released from this lease, for reasons within Section 9, then re-enrolls in the University during subsequent semesters during the period of the lease, the student's obligation is reinstated for the duration of the period of this lease. In such a case, the student must notify the Department of Housing and Residential Life so that a room may be reassigned to the student. 4. Period of Occupancy: A. Students who have finalized a room reservation for the semester may occupy the assigned space from the date designated for the official opening of the residential facilities until the time announced by the Department of Housing and Residential Life on the last day of scheduled examination of the semester or until 24 hours after their last final exam (which ever time/date is sooner), except as provided within Section 4C. B. Except for Stetson Cove and the University Village Apartments, all residential facilities shall be closed during official University Winter Break. The right to occupy residential facilities during the official University Winter Break is reserved by the University. Students permitted to reside on campus during break periods may be subjected to an additional charge and may be required to temporarily relocate. All residential facilities remain open and students are allowed to stay during the University’s Fall, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break periods. C. Graduating students and other students participating in the graduation ceremony will be able to request an extension of their housing lease beyond the standard terms as outlined above. D. Students who are either enrolled for summer coursework or who have Department-approved reasons to reside on-campus during the summer break are eligible to request housing during the summer break in the form of a one, two, or three month lease. Housing options and assignments for the summer break are determined by the Department of Housing and Residential Life. Students who request summer housing by submitting this lease are bound to the terms of the lease and therefore subject to any applicable financial penalties for cancelling their summer housing contracts. 5. Acceptance and Assignment: A. Acceptance of this lease by the University shall be presumed, pending approval by a designated representative of the Department of Housing and Residential Life, unless rejection is communicated in writing by the Director of Housing and Residential Life or designated representative to the student prior to room assignment. Acceptance of this lease does not guarantee a specific room assignment or admission to the University. Assignment of a room shall be contingent upon final admission to the University, receipt of this agreement, the availability of space, and the receipt of all necessary medical documentation. Specific room assignments will be determined by the Department of Housing and Residential Life, and residents may be assigned to any on-campus residential area where there is sufficient vacancy. B. Stetson University is an equal opportunity institution. While some assignments are made based off of gender identity/expression, we will not make assignments based off of disability, race, age, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, physical characteristics, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law in its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid, employment, or other school-administered programs. C. Rooms may be occupied only by students to whom they are assigned. Rooms may not be sub-let to other persons. Room transfers may be made only upon written approval by the Department of Housing and Residential Life. Students found violating this provision will face disciplinary action. D. If a vacancy occurs in a room or suite, the remaining student(s) agree to accept another roommate(s) as assigned or to move to other facilities if requested by the University to do so. Failure to follow established Room Change procedures will constitute a breach of the housing agreement and may be grounds for termination of the agreement and/or assess additional charges. E. The University reserves the right to consolidate vacancies by closing rooms, suites or floors. F. If occupancy numbers allow, the University may allow students in rooms with vacancies to pay additional fees in order to hold the room as a single for the remainder of the semester. This allowance will only apply to the current semester in which the vacancy exists. The room will return to normal occupancy at the start of the following semester. The decision to allow the purchase of a “room-as-a-single” will be at the discretion of the Director of Housing and Residential Life or designee. G. Room assignments may be changed or this lease cancelled by the Director of Housing and Residential Life or designee in the interest of order, health, discipline, or best use of the facilities. H. If a student exhibits disruptive, irresponsible, or inconsiderate behavior, contributing negatively to orderly community living, the student’s room assignment may, at the discretion of the Director of Housing and Residential Life or designee after a conference with the student, be subject to change or this lease cancelled. University disciplinary action may also be taken against the student. Students removed in this manner are held fiscally responsible. I. By signing this lease, the student shall be responsible for knowing and observing the University regulations and procedures, such guidelines for living within these regulations and procedures as may be determined by the Department of Housing and Residential Life, and all applicable federal, state, and local laws. The student shall be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action, monetary charges, changes in room assignment, and/or lease cancellation for violations of these regulations, procedures, or laws. J. Residents who join fraternities/sororities respectively and who live in a residence hall at the time of joining are eligible to move to a fraternity/sorority-occupied residential facility only during the first two weeks of the Spring Semester or at the beginning of the following Fall Semester. This stipulation would include those new members who earn grades necessary for initiation or who have a 2.25 cumulative grade point average, whichever is higher, and those already initiated members who wish to make such a move. There can be moves at no other times during the year unless there are extenuating circumstances that should warrant a move. A student residing in on-campus fraternity/sorority-occupied residential facilities may be removed for failure to fulfill fraternity/sorority responsibilities upon recommendation to the Department of Housing and Residential Life by the Alumni/ae House Corporation/Advisory Board. The student may then be assigned to a residence hall and would still be subject to all the terms of this lease. Residents in fraternity/sorority-occupied residential facilities are required to comply with all Department of Housing and Residential Life policies and procedures as outlined in the Guide to Residential Living and Policies & Procedures. Fraternity/Sorority-occupied residential facilities follow the same opening/closing schedule as the other on-campus residential facilities. 6. Additional Conditions and Responsibilities: A. The care of the individually assigned rooms in the residential facilities shall be the responsibility of each occupant. Upon initial occupancy of an assigned room, each resident shall sign a Room Inventory Form attesting to the condition of the room and its furnishings at that time. Each student must schedule a time to be officially checked out by a designated representative of the University at the end of the period of residency. Failure to check-out in this manner will result in an improper check out charge. Damage occurring within the room will be the responsibility of the assigned occupant(s). Damage occurring to a common area as a result of the action of students shall result in a recovery assessment to all students responsible. Where insufficient evidence exits to charge individual student(s), assessments for damage may be made to all students assigned to a hall, floor, or an entire building, as appropriate. B. The University shall make reasonable effort to afford privacy to the occupants of the residential facilities. However, university staff members or designees maintain the right to enter a student's room if there is reasonable cause to believe that the safety and/or welfare of the occupants is at stake or the physical property of the University is in jeopardy. Such staff members also have the right to enter the room if there is a reasonable cause to believe that University policy or local, state or federal laws are being violated, as well as for routine maintenance and life safety inspection. C. The University shall not be liable for loss or damage of personal property or failure or interruption of utilities. Students are encouraged to provide their own personal property insurance. Every attempt shall be made by the Department of Housing and Residential Life to give advance notice to occupants of utility interruption, repairs, etc., and to work expeditiously for the restoration of services. (See also Section 13.) D. The University shall not be liable for any injuries or damages arising from the use of lofted or bunked beds regardless of whether or not the bed is provided by the University. Lofts constructed with university furniture or brought from home are not allowed. If a student requires a special bed, the student must contact HRL in consultation with the Academic Resources Center for special housing accommodations. E. The cooking of food in residential facilities is prohibited, except where kitchens are provided. Residents must adhere to all posted guidelines and policies in their kitchen spaces. F. Pets are not allowed in University residential facilities, except designated pet-friendly areas (excluding fish in approved containers). Acceptable pets are defined as all living animals other than humans or service animals such as fish, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, mice, cats and dogs (under 50 pounds). Removal of pets from residential facilities will occur, with a $150 fine and a $25 daily fine until the animal is removed, for violations of this provision. Resident(s) will pay for the cost of damages to university property and/or extermination, if necessary. G. Residents who may have a service or therapy animal for reasons defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act and who wish to bring their animal with them must submit their request to HRL in consultation with the Academic Resources Center by May 15 for the fall semester or November 1st for the spring semester. H. Smoking is prohibited in all residential facilities and within 50 feet of each on-campus residential facility. I. Students who receive housing assignments allow the University to disclose their names and University e-mail addresses to other students occupying the same room, suite or apartment for, but not limited to, the purpose of allowing communications between residents of the respective room, suite or apartment prior to arrival on campus. Further, students who have housing assignments as a result of partnerships with outside organizations (such as with service dog providers) allow the University to communicate information about the housing assignment and behavior in relation to the outside organizations when appropriate. J. Individuals eligible to sign a lease for residence in Family Housing at Stetson Cove are any student who is either (1) married or in a domestic partnership, or (2) a single parent with one or more dependents. One (but no more than one) resident in each apartment must be enrolled as a full-time student in a degree-seeking program at Stetson University’s DeLand campus for the duration of the lease. 1. For family housing, two-bedroom apartments may not house more than one family of five persons, and one-bedroom apartments may not house more than one family of three persons. Students who opt for family housing are responsible for paying for all of the rooms in their respective apartment (i.e., if in a one-bedroom apartment, the student pays the one-bedroom rate for one bedroom; if in a two-bedroom apartment, the student pays the two-bedroom rate for two bedrooms). 2. To verify eligibility of spouses/partners, students with spouses/partners must provide a certified copy of legal documentation demonstrating that the student and spouse/partner have entered into a marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union. 3. To verify eligibility of dependents, students with dependents must provide either (1) a copy of the Birth Certificate for each dependent residing in the apartment, or (2) other legal documentation demonstrating that the student is the legal parent/guardian of the dependent. 7. Residency Requirement: All students MUST live in residential facilities unless they meet one or more of the following criteria: A. The student has earned ninety (90) academic hours (Senior status) by August 1 of this agreement; B. The student is married or in a same-sex domestic partnership (SSDP) by August 1 of this agreement and provides copy of marriage or SSDP certificate/documentation; C. The student resides locally (within 30 miles from the University) with immediate family and commutes to class (members of family for this purpose are defined as parent(s), guardian(s), grandparent(s), or sibling(s) who are not enrolled at Stetson University), and proof of student’s and family member’s shared local residency via state-issued identification is required; D. The student is participating in a university-approved, off-campus internship that requires the student to live outside of the local area; or E. The student has reached the age of twenty-two (22) by August 1 of this agreement. 8. Cancellation Eligibility and Fees: Students who are in these categories and who sign this housing agreement before the effective date of this agreement (see Section 3) are not eligible to request to move off-campus after the agreement becomes effective, unless they meet the criteria set forth below in Section 9. Cancellations made after May 1st will be subject to a variable cancellation fee: Cancellations from May 1 - 31 will incur a $500 cancellation fee; Cancellations from June 1 - 30 will incur a $750 cancellation fee; Cancellations from July 1 to the start of the semester/academic year will incur a $1,000 cancellation fee; Any cancellation fee after the start of the semester/academic year will incur a $1,000 cancellation fee in addition to charges for the period of occupancy. This fee will be placed on the student’s account. 9. Cancellation Procedures: A. The lease may be terminated by a student after the effective date of this agreement (as defined within Section 3 above) for the following reasons only: i. Student does not enroll in the University (no request required); ii. Student withdraws from the University (no request required); iii. Student graduates from the University (no request required); iv. Student is placed on academic/disciplinary suspension (no request required); v. Student enrolls for fewer than eight (8) semester hours (request is required); vi. Student enrolls in a University-approved, off-campus program or off-campus internship for the period of the internship (request is required); vii. Student presents evidence of marriage or same-sex domestic partnership (request is required); or viii. Student moves to home of immediate family to commute (request is required). B. Students who do not meet the terms to terminate this agreement (as indicated in Section 9A above) and who fail to physically occupy their rooms as determined by a member of the Department of Housing and Residential Life staff in favor of an off-campus location will forfeit their assignment in the residential facility and will be assessed a charge equal to the average housing cost calculated for each semester. Students who forfeit their residential assignment pursuant to the above terms may be responsible for any necessary costs of securing their residential space, including, but not limited to, lock/access card changes. Should they decide to re-enter housing for the remainder of the lease period, they will be reassigned to available space with any applicable adjustment in rental charges. Students who vacate a room after initially moving in to it forfeit their assignment and will be assessed a charge equal to the cost of the forfeited room. C. In order to terminate this agreement under the criteria stated within Section 9Av-viii, the student: (1) shall submit a written request to the Director of Housing and Residential Life or designee at least two calendar weeks prior to the first day of classes for the semester for which the student desires to terminate the lease; and (2) must receive specific permission from the Director of Housing and Residential Life or designee. Termination for reasons included within Section 9Ai-iv are exempted from this process. D. Students who are enrolled in a University-approved off-campus internship must receive written permission in advance to be exempt from the lease for that particular time in order to receive a refund. E. The student shall vacate the assigned room within twenty-four (24) hours of release from this lease or from withdrawal from the University, unless an extension is authorized by the Department of Housing and Residential Life. F. Students approved to live off-campus for any reason may be required to complete a Request to Live Off-Campus form. 10. Refund of Monetary Payments: A. Full refund shall be granted if space is not available. B. Full refund for the remainder of the academic year shall be granted if a student is academically suspended. C. New students (those entering Stetson for the first time for Fall Semester) shall have their lease cancelled by the Department of Housing and Residential Life upon notification from Admissions prior to May 1 for the upcoming Fall Semester and Full refund will be made by the Admissions Office. D. Re-entering/returning students eligible to reside off-campus who have submitted a lease will receive a Full refund for their room cost but will be subject to the Cancellation Fee schedule outlined in Section 8. E. Full refund for semesters remaining shall be granted if a student meets the criteria within Section 9A of moving off-campus and follows the procedures set forth within Section 9C. F. Full refund for semesters remaining shall be issued upon graduation. G. Students officially withdrawing from their entire course load during the first half of a fall or spring semester will receive a prorated refund in accordance with the university withdrawal and refund policies described in the University Bulletin. H. Students who do not enroll for the spring semester or who withdraw during any semester and continue to occupy the residence hall space either by remaining there personally or leaving personal belongings may be charged for continued occupancy until the residence hall is officially vacated by going through the check-out process. 11. Room Searches: Stetson University does its best to provide residents privacy with respect to their assigned space. However there are times when authorized personnel that have a reasonable belief that a violation of a University or Housing & Residential Life policy, local ordinance, state or federal statute is in progress, and/or for other emergency purposes exist, may enter and search the resident’s room/apartment/suite. If the resident is present, the resident will be asked for consent to search the room. If consent is not given, requests to search a resident’s room may be authorized by the Dean of Students or designee. Once consent has been given or the search has been authorized, members of Public Safety will execute the search in the presence of Housing & Residential Life Professional staff. Once the search has been completed, Public Safety will remove any items found that violate University or Housing & Residential Life policies, local ordinances, state or federal statutes and leave a note informing the resident of the search and items removed. 12. Special Housing Requests: A. Medical/ADA: Students requesting special housing accommodations must have an attending physician write, on the physician’s letterhead, a letter of recommendation for their patient’s housing request and submit it to the Academic Resources Center. New students must complete this request no later than May 15 for the fall semester or November 1 for the spring semester; returning students must complete this request no later than February 1 for the upcoming academic year. Prescription notes are not suitable forms of documentation and therefore will not be accepted. Requests made after these dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis and space availability. B. Non-Medical/Non-ADA: Transgender students or other students seeking special housing accommodations should contact the Director of Housing & Residential Life or designee. C. Please understand that submitting this paperwork does not guarantee or signify the request has been granted. All requests will be reviewed and a determination will be made based on space availability. 13. Student Personal Property and Insurance Information: The University’s property insurance only covers property that is owned by the University. It is highly recommended that students insure their own personal property via their parent’s/guardian’s homeowner’s insurance or a renter’s/tenant’s insurance policy. If you plan to insure under your parent’s/guardian’s homeowner’s policy, it is important to confirm with their homeowner’s insurance carrier that student property (including computers and other electronics) will be fully covered for loss while housed outside of the family dwelling, and also important to inquire about the deductible and coverage limits. The University assumes no legal obligation to pay for loss of or damage to items of students’ personal property occurring on-campus or in its buildings or storage areas. For your reference, the following is a list of insurance companies that offer renter’s/tenant’s insurance to college students. These plans often carry a lower deductible than most homeowners’ policies, and most have reasonable premium costs. Please note that this information is being made available for informational purposes only and the University does not endorse any of the companies listed below. CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. 1-888-411-4911 National Student Services, Inc. 1-800-256-6774 Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. 1-800-289-1501 14. Fire & Cooking Safety Information: The University has provided a community kitchen for your use. Some residential facilities include kitchens. Use of any kitchen and the appliances within it implies an understanding of basic fire and cooking safety tips. If resident is unsure about the proper use of any appliances located in the apartment and/or needs assistance, the resident should contact a member of the Housing & Residential Life staff before using kitchens. When using kitchens, always be aware of the location of the nearest fire extinguisher and never leave the kitchen unattended. 15. Student Personal Property Storage: The University does not provide storage for student’s personal property, either outside of their assigned room or outside of contract periods. If a resident leaves items behind after a building has closed or has checked out of the room, a member of Facilities Management and/or HRL will remove the items which are considered abandoned and donate, recycle or dispose of them as necessary. By entering my Stetson University identification number above and submitting this form, I certify that I have read the lease, that I understand and will adhere to the terms and conditions of the lease, and I hereby make application for housing at Stetson University.


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