PT coworking survey

Greetings friends & peers, A small group of us are looking into the possibility of creating a coworking space in Port Townsend, called The CoLab. The CoLab is a coworking space in PT which is currently operating in a “beta phase” at the PT Library Learning Center (1256 Lawrence Street) as a place for business people to work and collaborate together in a shared space. Frank DePalma and Heather Dudley Nollette are working on a business plan that will help determine whether we’ll expand the concept this summer into a membership-based business. Coworking can be as informal as a group of professionals meeting regularly in a cafe to enjoy each other's company and resource each other's skills, or be as formalized as shared office space with full & part-time members, shared resources like a kitchen, meeting rooms for meeting with clients and workshops (checkout "Office Nomads" in Seattle). We're aiming for the latter, but want to get feedback first to assess the actual interest & need. The CoLab's mission statement: The CoLab engages Jefferson County independent professionals by providing an inspiring collaborative work environment. We’re evolving as an innovative network of small businesses, contributing to the sustainability of our local community. The CoLab: Independent Together. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible, based on your current and near-future needs. Thanks for your time and input. We're looking forward to coworking with you!
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Not at all Extremely

Small private meeting space (2-5 people)
Large private meeting space (10-20 people)
Printing, copy, fax services
Skills exchange (sharing/trading/training)
Creative brainstorming tools, services, space
Shipping services
Reception services
Weekly biz mastermind groups &/or brainstorming sessions

Regular health offerings (i.e. yoga break)
Weekly happy hour
Kitchen facilities
Common Area / Lounge

Membership Pricing

Assuming that all membership levels include - access to fast WiFi, - free coffee, - kitchen use, - professional meeting space, - tricked-out work space, - comfortable common / creative space, and - other free professional services such as copy/fax/printing,

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