Recommendation request for Vince Formica

I'm asking you to fill out this recommendation request form because it is a useful way for me to organize the information that I will need to write a good, supportive letter and submit it on time. Please fill out the form for EACH letter you would like me to write!!! PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! 1. Please contact me by email before you fill out this request form to confirm that it will be possible for me to write for you by the deadline. Ordinarily, you should allow 2 weeks (in early spring semester, 3 weeks is better). 2. Completely fill out one form for each letter you are requesting. 3. Clicking "Submit" will send one request to my spreadsheet You will then see a confirmation window that will allow you to edit the form you just submitted and/or submit another form with information for a different recipient. Once you leave that window, however, you will be unable to edit your request further. 4. I am not automatically alerted when a new request is made, so please email me to let me know that you have added new recipients. Thanks, Vince
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