Launch Countdown Documents

Please complete this form for access to the remaining Launch Countdown Instructions. Note 1: The Links in Item 03 - Item 17 will not open until you complete this form (as requested) and I share the collection with you. I don't share individual instructions, so please don't waste your time requesting I share only one instruction at a time. Fill out the form. Note 2: I will share information with people who are willing to share information with me. It is a two way street. Please don't dance around the questions. I do not (and will never) share your information. Note 3: You are welcome to launch the website without access to the instructions but I still request that your Pack pay something for using the template. Payment (you decide the amount) will make the website property of your PACK... and not property of YOU.
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Thanks for Using Our Form. We will show you how to create a form later.

I have a feeling you are anxious to get started. I get that. I hyped this up pretty hard. I'll grant access to the instructions as soon as possible but you might need to be patient. I need to get to a computer to do it. And sometimes I am having dinner or at a Pack campout. Please understand that you are a now a priority to me and I'll get it ASAP. That is a promise. I ask that you donate to this project when you get the website launched. I also understand it might take you time to gain approval. Please start working on that ahead of time because leadership can take months to make a financial decision. Been there done that. But I ask that you give it your best effort and plan ahead - you will find my best effort in the days to follow. The amount of the donation is entirely up to you and your leaders. So, as you now see, this website works on the honor system. By submitting this form you promise to bug your team about payment and I promise to help you get their new website launched. ...If we have a deal, click the magic button below...

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