Food shopping research study

A University of Minnesota research study is looking at the ways people get food in low-income neighborhoods. Residents of selected areas of north and south Minneapolis are being recruited to take part in a five day case study. During this time, they will have three tasks: (1) Carry a cell phone that will keep a record of the trips they make throughout the day. (2) Use these phones to take pictures of the places where they get food and the food they get. (3) Keep a written diary of the places where they get food and save receipts from any shopping trips. This information, along with interviews about the factors that shape these participants' decisions about where and how to get food, will help strengthen policies meant to improve access to healthy food in urban communities. Participants will receive a gift card worth up to $75 once they have completed the study. If you are interested in participating in this study, please answer the questions below and someone will contact you to confirm your eligibility.
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