Summer and Fall 2014 Orientation to Online Learning: On-Campus Registration Form

If you are new to Internet courses and will be taking an online course for first time during the Summer Sessions or Fall 2014 term, sign up for a free Orientation to Online Learning. The goal of the Orientation is to provide you with valuable information about being a student in an Internet course and also give you an opportunity to practice using the tools in Canvas, the Alamo Colleges' Learning Management System. You can participate in the Orientation on-campus or online. Please provide all of the required information below for the on-campus orientation. On-campus orientations will be held at the Northeast Lakeview College Campus, 1201 Kitty Hawk, Universal City, TX, 78148 in the Library, room 312. The Library is the building with the clock tower. If you have questions, please call us at (210) 486-5372 or email us at If you prefer to complete this orientation online, please register for one of the following orientations based on the term you will be taking your first online course: SUMMER SESSION I or EIGHT-WEEK SUMMER SESSION: OLRN-0001-005, CRN #13322 for Summer Session I or Eight-Week Summer Session 2014. [Web registration for Summer I, Summer 8 ends Sunday, June 1, 2014] SUMMER SESSION II: OLRN-0001-009, CRN #13323 for Summer Session II 2014. [Web registration for Summer II ends Sunday, July 6, 2014] FALL 2014: OLRN-0001-003, CRN #18864 for the Fall 2014 term. [Web registration for Fall 2014 ends Sunday, August 17, 2014] If you need to be enrolled in the orientation after the designated registration date, please call (210) 486-5372 to be manually enrolled into the appropriate Orientation.
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