A CHARTER FOR PEACE some ideas for your meditation

Do we need to work ? For what ? to consume ? For what ? money ? For what ? What can it be if work is remplaced by VOCATION ? WHAT CAN CHANGE IF THE POLITICAL OBJECTIVE IS HAPPINESS ? if COMPETITION is REPLACED with WELL-BEING ? for EVERYBODY : the EVOLUTION of TECHNOLOGY ALLOW NOW TO REPLACE HUMAN BEING with MACHINE : IT'S NOT A PROBLEM BUT A CHANCE for FREEDOM and ART OF LIVING in which TECHNOLOGY, ACTION, NATURE. ETHICS, can find more BALANCE for an EVOLUTION with sense PEOPLE GET THE POWER TO ORGANISE THEMSELVES NOW I want to share with you my meditation. Please, for each law, vote or give your opinion. See at http://metissia-art.com/allinone/nextevents/ - all replies updated every month - or take part in our live events (workshops, concerts, celebrations, "ALL TOGETHER")
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