APPLY TO SPEAK @ IGNITE NYC 15 -- Truth is a Moving Target: Oddities, Anomalies, and Wonders with Data

The next Ignite NYC takes place in conjunction with the O'Reilly Strata Conference on Monday, October 22nd at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in the Metropolitan Ballroom. Our theme reflects the conference's focus on data science and vizualization, with an emphasis on the mysteries that data science is stumbling into. We tend to think of data as scientific, as sets of facts. But truth is a moving target, especially in the world of science where we are constantly stumbling into the undiscovered. What happens with the data that doesn't quite make sense? And as data is collected by someone, organized by someone, cleaned by someone, analyzed by someone, presented by someone, we are constantly introducing bias. When data is subjective, and so are the people analyzing it, how do we discover truth? We want to hear your stories about pursuing truth through data. These could be tales of your own endeavors, things you’ve learned from data scientists of the past, or ideas about how to get closer to truth in the future. Please feel free to use your imagination. The Ignite rules: Each speaker gets 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of 5-minutes. APPLICATIONS DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON OCTOBER 8TH. (The earlier you apply, the better as selection is a rolling process and we have a limited number of spots!) Dos: • Tell a story that is inspirational, provocative and/or absurd. • Cover the who, what, when where and why of the situation in your story. • Have a stake in the story you are sharing. They are essential in storytelling in front of an audience. What do you stand to gain or lose? Why what happens in your story is important to you? Don’ts: • Don’t pitch us on your business or demo your product. Our attendees don’t respond well to sales pitches. Trust us when we say you really don’t want to stand out for this reason! • Don't rant. It’s really not fun to listen to rants. Unless you shape your anger into a funny or inspiring story with a non-angry resolution, of course ;-) Want Guidance? • Watch past Ignite NYC Talks: • Check out this infographic from our speaker-coach: Just want to attend? Tickets are available at
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