This will be the single submission you will make this season. Instructors, please make sure you fill in all required fields. Please check attending or not attending for every show. COLOR GUARDS: INDICATE WHAT CLASS YOU ANTICIPATE PARTICIPATING IN. YOUR CLASS WILL BE DETERMINED AT FIELD DAY. Once you click on "submit" your schedule will be considered submitted to the MIA. Changes will need to be made by contacting the circuit executive director. This form will also serve as your spiel sheet for the year. Changes can be made at any time by contacting the contest director. All shows you sign up for are pending your submission of your season dues . Please bring dues to State Band Clinic or mail check to Mickey Mangum 401 Arrow Drive, Clinton, MS 39056. Checks must be made payable to Mississippi Indoor Association. IF YOU ARE ENTERING AS AN OUT OF STATE ENSEMBLE, WE WELCOME YOU! IT IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROCURE PAPERWORK AND CONTACT ATHLETIC AND ACTIVITY ASSOCIATION ENTITIES IN YOUR STATE AND IN MISSISSIPPI. MIA CANNOT HANDLE THIS, ASIDE FROM SIGNING APPROPRIATE PAPERWORK. ANY PENALTY YOU INCUR BY PARTICIPATING SHALL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND NOT THAT OF MIA.
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