Project Serve Shuttle Run Rider Info

Please be so kind as to fill this form out in its entirety and press the submit button. Please double check all information; once you have been matched with a driver, we will be unable to change your ride. Unfortunately, this form only provides services for trips TO the airport. Due to the variability of return trips, Project Serve will not arrange pick-up rides from the airport on your return to Malibu. Any forms received after the Saturday, December 7th deadline CANNOT be guaranteed a ride unless a confirmation email is received. Please complete the form below and check again for accuracy before submitting.
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DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Saturday December 7th at Midnight

If you are signing up after this time, we will do our best to find you a ride but we cannot guarantee you a shuttle to the airport. We will email you if we are able to find a driver, but please have alternate arrangements as well.

YOU'RE DONE! What now?

We will send you a confirmation email that we have received your form and will be arranging a ride for you. After this, we will give your contact info to one of our stellar drivers who will contact you at least 24 hours before your departure from campus to the airport. Project Serve and the Pepperdine Volunteer Center provide matching services only. Once Project Serve matches you with a driver, the responsibility for communicating is yours and the driver's. Failure to communicate is not the fault of Pepperdine or the Volunteer Center. As always, if you have questions email us at:

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