Proctoring Request

*Your exam is not scheduled until you receive a confirmation from us. *Requested times are not guaranteed to be available. *Scheduling is subject to staff availability. *Schedule the test at least one week in advance filling out the following form. *The library cannot accommodate requests for unscheduled proctoring. *Requests are dealt with in the order they are received. *Call to cancel if unable to keep reserved testing time. *Once your exam has been scheduled, it is your responsibility to contact your school to arrange for exam materials/passwords to be sent to us and to follow up with us to ensure that the library have received the materials before you come in to take your exam. *Bring appropriate photo I.D. *Bring any materials needed (e.g. calculator, pen, pencil, scratch paper, notes.) *Relinquish use of personal laptops, cell phones, Blackberry's, etc. when testing. Students using these items or talking with other patrons during testing will forfeit the ability to take the test that day and will be required to reschedule. *The library will not contact the testing institution to clarify procedural questions such as: incorrect passwords, wrong tests, etc. *The library cannot guarantee that the correct material will be received by the testing institution by a specific date. *The library will not download testing software that is not compatible with our network. *The library cannot provide a locked or secure place for the test. *The library cannot provide a quiet study room for test taking. *The library is not responsible for any delayed tests, nor any completed tests once they leave the library's possession and have been mailed back to the educational institution. *The library is not responsible for tests that are interrupted by Library emergencies, power failures, or computer hardware or software failures. *The library reserves the right to substitute a proctor in the event of the original proctor's absence.
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Colleges/Universities/Schools can contact proctoring staff at


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