Hanibal's media space - ads application

Welcome to application for advertisement project in Hms,eRepublik newspaper. All you need to do is to fill this for corectly and your ad will be added ASAP in my newspaper. Peyement rules: 1. You can order min 1 ad per article, max 3 ads per article. 2. Bill for advertisement will be proceded after 3 days since article is published. 3. cost of 1 ad is 1cc x number of visitors till Day 3. 4. cost of 2 ads is 2cc x number of visitors till Day 3 5. cost of 3 ads is 2.5cc x number of visitors till Day3. 6. Maximum delay of payement is 5 days. 7. Customer must make image for ad. 8. in case customer dont have image, making of image cost 1000cc 9. im vougher for full service. full repeyement guarantedin case service didnt completed.
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