Student At Large Feeboard Application

Purpose - The purpose of the Fee Board is to review and allocate student fee funds to registered student organizations for their programs and activities. The committee administers the allocation process under established funding policies and procedures to insure viewpoint neutrality in all funding decisions. Membership - Six (6) at large students who serve for two semesters on staggered terms; fall to spring semesters and spring to fall semesters. Any student may submit an application to be selected as an “at large” student representative. Students who meet the criteria of having a 2.5 GPA and are enrolled for at least six hours will be randomly selected to serve on the Fee Board. Students must not be affiliated with a student club. a) One student will be randomly selected to represent each site campus b) Three students will be randomly selected to represent Hardin Valley campus. Meetings -Fee Board will meet on the second or third Thursday of each month at 4pm virtually and at Hardin Valley Campus.
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