DollAkon 2013 Acrylic Eyes BJD Accessories Pre-Order

Acrylic Eyes is offereing 3D modeled BJD accessories. These items can be pre-ordered and you can pick them up at the Sweet Dolls booth in the A-Kon Artist Alley during the convention. The 3-D modeled items are custom-designed and are made of a rigid but non-brittle nylon material that can be painted with acrylic paints or permanent marker. We strongly suggest sealing painted materials to avoid color transfer onto your doll. You can see the items at
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MSD Kama - $20.25 each
SD Kama - $22.50 each
Shuriken (Throwing Stars) - can be used for all sizes - $4.50 each
SD Sai - $13.50
SD Manji - $13.50
SD Kusarigama - $36.00
Kunai - $4.50
MSD Cosplay Glasses - $5.40
MSD Cosplay Ring Set 1 - $8.55
MSD Cosplay Ring Set 2 - $8.55
MSD Cosplay Accessory Pack - $25.65
SD Cosplay Pin - $7.20
MSD Cosplay Pin - $5.85
MSD Cosplay Cane Topper - $8.55
SD Sci-Fi Torch prop version 1 - $8.55
SD Sci-Fi Torch prop version 2 - $8.55
SD Sci-Fi Torch prop version 3 - $8.55
MSD Fencing Foil - $15.75
BJD Hand Changer - $13.50
SD Fencing Foil - $22.50

Payment and Disclaimers

- All orders must be placed and paid in full by April 1, 2013 to allow for processing time. - Orders may be picked up at any time at the Sweet Dolls booth in the A-Kon Artist Alley. - All orders must be picked up by 5pm on Sunday, June 2, 2013. - Any orders not claimed during the convention will be mailed at the buyer's expense, including postage, insurance and delivery confirmation. - Orders will be invoiced directly from Acrylic Eyes.

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