Manuscript Submission [original, unpublished, no dual-submission]: International Journal of Environment [ISSN: 2186-6872 (print), 2186-0009 (online)]

Dear Respected Author, Thank you for selecting IJE for your submission. While submitting, you make sure that ALL authors are known about this submission, and the manuscript is original, unpublished, and not submitted/(will not be submitted) to any other conference or journal for review during the review period of this paper to IJE. IJE is strict about plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Please make sure that all images, tables, etc. - if taken from another source, are properly referred and acknowledged. IJE is double-blind review - so you must not put any information of authors or acknowledgment, 'my/our paper/works', etc. in this submission. These can be added in the final camera-ready submission. Note that you will have to provide 3 Recommended Reviewers (S/he should be unknown to you personally & you will also not inform about this, must have PhD & expert on your work) - it demonstrates how well you are known to the best-in-your-field. Note the IJE may request them to review your paper. Through our academic cooperation, we wish to work together. For any query, please kindly write to us. Once you submit - please allow us 3 working days and we will confirm you with a Paper ID for further communication. Once again, thanks a lot for choosing IJE for your work! We are working for an excellent Journal for you. Best regards.
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