Marymount California University Parking Information

Prior to registration you must read and acknowledge full understanding of the Driving regulations that you will be held to while operating a vehicle on the any Marymount property.
* Required

Registering your vehicle

All students and employees operating vehicles are responsible for reading and adhering to the current Marymount Parking and Driving Regulations. Copies are available on the Campus Safety & Security page of the Marymount website.

General areas where you may NOT park

Overnight Parking

Driving on Property

The driving regulations and requirements of the California Motor Vehicle Code shall apply on all properties.

Fines, Payment and Appeals

The following fines will be levied for these offenses at the rate indicated: Parking in handicap space without a permit $150.00* Parking in a reserved/faculty/visitor only $55.00* Parking in a Red Zone or Emergency Access $75.00 Parking in Bus Stop or Loading Zone $75.00 Parked or Operating in off road area $75.00 Dangerous or reckless operation $200.00 Failure to obey traffic sign $150.00* Failure to display parking permit $50.00* Speeding or speed unsafe for conditions $200.00 Community Courtesy Violation $65.00* Failure to obey directions of Campus Official $50.00 Other violations $35.00

Rights & Responsabilities

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