You are cordially invited to participate in the University of Cincinnati International Friendship Program. As a participant in this program, you will be matched with an individual or family in the Cincinnati area with whom you can visit, enjoy an occasional meal, celebrate holidays, participate in community events, or just relax in a conversation. This is an opportunity for you to experience American life in a non-university setting and to learn first-hand about culture in the United States. This is also a chance for you to share your culture. Generally, individuals and families apply to be paired with one international student and these pairings have been quite successful. However, you may be matched together with another student. Once you have been matched with your U.S. friend(s), they should contact you promptly. Your friends should understand that your first priority is your academic career. However, to fully participate in this program, you should try to be as actively engaged as possible with your U.S. friends. If you would like to participate, please fill out the application.

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