HSGP Survey

The purpose of this survey is to help the Board develop a shared sense of the views and opinions held by individuals across the HSGP community. Though it is fairly long, the input will enable us to make informed decisions. Thanks in advance for your willingness to offer your input. Feel free to skip any question. You will have the opportunity to submit your name along with your responses, or you can remain anonymous.

Share in a sense of community
Discuss (non-)beliefs openly
Support efforts to keep religion out of government
Contribute to causes that improve lives
Find refuge from unreason
Build a legacy for the future
Have a place to celebrate life milestones
Work through anger toward religious organizations
Have a sense that I am exploring my own personal philosophy
Get inspired by new ideas for self-improvement
Network to find business leads or services
Learn about science & technology
Learn about philosophy & religion
Learn about arts & culture
Learn about government

HSGP Activities

Shall we do something new?

Visits to museums or public diisplays
Live music or theater performances
Outdoors-focused activities (hiking, scenic road trips, etc.)
Formal, facilitated course on humanism
Virtual study group (video chat) on humansim
Regular, open discussion sessions on humanism
Work on a campaign to draw new members
Writing club to produce and publish articles that promote humanist values
Course to develop public speaking skills focusing on opportunities to share humanist values
Letter writing campaign to keep religion out of government
Periodic open house event to educate the public about humanism
Regular practice sessions for earnest singers (a humanist chorus)
Open sing-alongs featuring humanist songs
"Spontaneous" events announced by individuals (meet at the movies, HCC maintenance projects, etc.)
Leadership course to prepare current and future HSGP Board members
Separate events for women and men


Communication Efforts

Announcements of members' life milestones
Profiles of members, emphasizing their paths to humanism
Advertisements (paid) for members' businesses or other concerns
Inspiring humanist thoughts or quotes
Anecdotes from HSGP's history (community stories)
Reports on legislative efforts that threaten separation of church and state
Features on organizations that are seeking financial support
What would a humanist do? (Dear Abby-type column)
Recap of last month's events
Descriptions of what's coming up

Demographic Information

This section is totally optional. Feel free to skip any questions you don't want to answer.

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