2013 Student Registration

1) Print out the Permission Slip from the main web-page. Fill out the permission slip and send one per student along with a single check made out to NYSMEA. The cost is $15.00 per student attending the symposium. 2) You must ALSO REGISTER ON-LINE. Follow the instructions below for registering on-line Instructions for registering On-Line. 1) You will receive only one registration form below. Please fill out the form once per student. When you have completed one student's information, hit the "Submit" button ONCE. 2) You can now return to the form which you just completed and replace student information pertinent to the next student in your class. This will save time by not requiring you to re-enter the school information for each student. When you are done editing the form for the second student, hit the submit button once. 3) Continue re-filling out the form for each student you wish to register. NOTE: You need the student's abstract in electronic form before filling out this form. In addition, please review the list of workshops and the detailed description on our webpage. Students are required to register for their workshops on the student registration form. Students who present posters may sign up for 2 workshops. All other students may attend 5 workshops.