2014 - 2015 Muskie School of Public Service Scholarship and Assistantship Application

If you have any questions about this form, the process, or scholarships and assistantships in general, please call the Muskie School of Public Service's Student Affairs office at 207.780.4864. Please note that all scholarship, graduate assistantship, and research assistantship communication will be sent to your maine.edu email address. If you have not yet either configured your devices to check your maine.edu account natively, or forwarded your maine.edu email address to an email account you do check on a daily basis, now would be a great time to do so. We have had instances in the past where students missed critical communication regarding scholarships and assistantships, and consequently missed key deadlines to accept such offers of assistance. We want to avoid such a scenario in the future, and must rely on your help to do so.
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Part Two - for Assistantship applicants: Skills and Interests

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Analyzing written material
Budgeting / Financial analysis
Data construction / analysis
Editing written material
Grant writing
Public presentation / speaking
Public relations
Qualitative methods (focus groups, interviewing, literature review, etc.)
Quantitative methods (mulitple regression, descriptive statistics, etc.)
Research skills (standard library research, Lexis/ Nexis, Legislative Research Services, etc.)
Statistical spreadsheets / statistical software
Training / curricular development
Written communication
Word processing


Please select all areas of interest. When possible, the Scholarship and Assistantship Committee tries to match students with fields and projects they're interested in. We cannot guarantee you will get any area you select, but we can guarantee to try to make a match. If you're only applying for scholarships, you can skip this section.

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