UNM Honors College Course Proposal Form

To propose a course at the UNM Honors College please submit your course information below. All new temporary instructors or temporary part-time instructors who have not taught in Honors in the past two semesters must apply through UNM Jobs at http://unmjobs.unm.edu. Full-time faculty at UNM need not apply through UNM Jobs. If you have questions about this requirement, please call 505-277-4211 and ask for Lee Clark, Department Administrator. For best consideration, faculty who have not previously taught in Honors should make an appointment with Dr. Rosalie Otero, Honors Associate Dean, prior to the deadline emailing her at otero@unm.edu. All faculty must email a current CV to the Honors office at honors@unm.edu. Additionally, an outline or syllabus is helpful for the curriculum committee.
* Required

Deadline: August 1st for Spring and January 14th for Fall

Instructor Information

Course Information

Course Description Information (for Students)

The information in this section will be printed in the Honors Course Description Catalog and on the Honors website to advertise the course to students. Submitters will be given the opportunity to review a final proof of this material before it goes to print.

Additional Course Description Information (for Reviewers)

You likely have more to say about your course than would fit in a good advertisement for students. In this section you can relate this reasoning and information to the reviewers.

Course Objectives/Student Learning Outcomes

What should the students be able to do as a result of having taken this course? This information be on your students' evaluation forms that you will use to assess your students at the end of the semester. (Please list at least 3 course objectives/student learning outcomes.)

Group Requirements

Group Requirements are courses students take beyond their UNM Core Requirements and reflect the College’s commitment to a broad liberal arts education. In order to better serve students, the UNM Honors College seeks Group Requirement credit for all 200, 300, and 400-level (non-capstone) seminars. For more information about Core or Group Requirements, please refer to the UNM Catalog at http://catalog.unm.edu/.

Preferred Days and Times: First Choice

Preferred Day and Time: Second Choice

Preferred Day and Time: Third Choice

Not required, but helpful.

Student Teacher Information

Honors students can apply to co-teach an Honors course for their senior capstone experience. Instructors are allowed only one student teacher (and one student teacher prep) per semester due to the time and effort expected for mentoring. Students must have either taken the course they are proposing to co-teach or have taken a course with you. NOTE: In the event of a course cancellation, instructors may not "shift" the student teacher to some other course the student did not prepare.

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