Questionnaire on Science Diaspora Engagement and Knowledge

The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) Center for Science Diplomacy is working to strengthen science diasporas that link U.S. scientists with their countries of origin. A key part of this effort will be to collect, assimilate, and share information about science diaspora-relevant activities, blogs and social media tools, websites, organizations, articles, best practices/lessons learned, and people from around the world. AAAS will synthesize this information and make it available to the public. We are currently working on integrating the information into the Knowledge Resources site IdEA (International diaspora Engagement Alliance). AAAS uses the IdEA definition of a diaspora, “a community of people who live outside of their shared country of origin or ancestry but maintain active connections with it. A diaspora includes both emigrants and their descendants.” We use the term “science diaspora” to refer to a diaspora of faculty, researchers, students and professionals in the public and private sectors engaged in science, engineering, health, technology, and innovation activities with their countries of origin or ancestry. Please consider completing all fields. We thank you in advance for your time and contribution to this effort.
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