Yale Athletics - Occasional Meal Form

In accordance with NCAA Bylaw, a student-athlete or an entire team may receive an occasional meal in the locale of the institution on infrequent and special occasions from an institutional staff member. In addition, a student-athlete (or team) may receive an occasional family home meal from a representative of athletics interests on infrequent and special occasions under the following conditions: - The meal must be provided in an individual’s home or at an on-campus facility regularly used for competition (as opposed to a restaurant) and may be catered; and - A representative of the institution’s athletics interest may provide reasonable local transportation to student-athletes to attend the meal function only if the meal function is at the home of that representative. - There are two concerns with hosting an occasional home meal – the involvement of recruits and boosters. It is permissible to have an occasional home meal in conjunction with an official visit, but not if the meal is being held at the house of a representative of athletics interest. Likewise, it is permissible for a representative of athletics interest to host an occasional home meal, but recruits may not be present. By completing this form, the parties involved have obtained permission to host the occasional meal and agree to conform to the aforementioned regulations regarding NCAA Bylaw and occasional meals provided to student-athletes. Be sure to include all persons who attended the meal.
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