Website Promo Ad Guidelines

For Websites

01. Your site must be at least 75% related to Korea or Korean pop culture (music, movies, dramas, etc.). I will allow fan sites, fan forums, non-personal tumblr blogs, etc. I do not allow personal tumblr blogs, anti-fan websites, or websites with explicit or offensive material. And because I do this for free, I will not promote stores (including fan-made merchandise stores) or any websites that seek to make profit from users.
02. Your site will be featured up to 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of submissions I receive.
03. Please provide a URL to a .JPG image to represent your site. Your image must be a 180px in width and 125px in height with a resolution 72ppi. If you are unable to provide an image, I will utilize an image I see as fit. Or if the image you provided does not fit the guideline, I have the right to alter it to make it fit.
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