WooFood Town Hall at UMass

When: Thursday, January 17th, 2012 6pm--8pm. Food at 5:45pm Where: UMass Medical School: Hiatt Auditorium (Goff S1-608). 55 Lake Ave. North Worcester, MA What: Since we have become an active nonprofit, we have heard echoed requests - pleas even, to address the UMass Cafeteria. Now that moment has come and WooFood wants your input. WooFood is hosting a multipurpose event - an extravaganza, a must-not-miss mass gathering. Food will be served. From WooFood Certified Restaurants. Need we say more? The Agenda? Learn: what the heck is WooFood anyway? What's our philosophy, plan, goals, dreams? Use: WooFood as a clinical tool. Are you a clinician? Nurse, Physician, Dietitian, Therapist or Student of the aforementioned fields? WooFood is a great conversation starter for that critical but often bland topic of a healthful diet and weight. Combine with motivational interviewing for best results. WooFood brochures were designed specifically for the primary care environment. Hear: from experts in the field - and from the owners and chefs at Certified restaurants. Taste: what WooFood is really about by sampling some WooFood Certified favorites from our Certified Restaurants Tell: us what you want to see in the Cafeteria. WooFood has been given an unprecedented opportunity to work with and improve the UMass Cafeteria. Be heard. Be strong. Also, be kind - the cafeteria managers will be there with us to respond to questions.
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