Blade flex data gathering

Thank you for your help! This survey is intended to gather data on the flexibility of various blades used in SCA heavy rapier and cut-and-thrust combat. The data gathered from this effort will directly inform rulemaking and the revision of Society standards for allowable blades. Without this data, blades that are too stiff may end up being allowed or disallowed from certain activities so an understanding of the blades in use is vital. We welcome data on all blades, both those legal for use and those that are not. We are particularly interested in the stiffer blades such as those allowed for cut-and-thrust combat only This survey asks you to test the flexibility of a blade using the standard Society flex test. For a video demonstration of this test, please see Currently the Society test is defined as follows: B. BLADE FLEXIBILITY TESTING If doubt exists about a weapon's flexibility, an acceptable field test is: Hold weapon parallel to the ground, supporting handle against table or bench if necessary. Hang a 3-ounce weight (85 grams) just behind the tip. If the blade of a dagger (out to 18" blade length) flexes visibly (more than 1/4 inch <6 mm>), the blade is sufficiently flexible. For a rapier blade (greater than 18"), the flex must be 1/2 inch (12 mm). For the purposes of this data gathering, we are asking you to test with a 3 ounce weight AND a 6 ounce weight, and to report the amount of deflection for each (not simply pass/fail). With this data in hand, we hope we will be able to set good standards. (Note: 1 oz. fishing weights from walmart seemed to be reasonable accurate but confirming with a scale is always preferred.) The survey will allow you to report on up to six blades at once. If you have more blades to report results for, please fill out the form a second time and submit it. Questions referring to a specific blade say "For blade #1: (question)" and repeat for each blade.
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