PARCC College-Ready Determination and Policy-Level Performance Level Descriptors Feedback Survey -- Ohio

PARCC is seeking feedback from the public on two draft policies related to its next generation assessment system: 1. The PARCC policy for making college-ready determinations in English language arts/literacy and mathematics, and 2. Draft policy-level performance level descriptors (PLDs) and general content-level PLDs for the PARCC assessments. Performance-level descriptors and the draft policy on college-ready determinations are the first step in the process that K-12 and postsecondary leaders in PARCC states will undertake over the next three years to specify the performance expectations students must meet in English language arts/literacy and mathematics to demonstrate their preparation for entry-level, credit-bearing postsecondary courses. These performance expectations are rooted in the knowledge and skills in ELA/literacy and mathematics in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which all PARCC states have adopted. Once the College-Ready Determination policy and general PLDs are adopted by the PARCC Governing Board and Advisory Committee on College Readiness (ACCR), PARCC content and assessment experts will develop subject- and grade-specific PLDs. The Governing Board and ACCR will also begin to consider details of the standard-setting event that will follow the first operational administration of the PARCC assessments in summer 2015 and will result in the identification of threshold scores for all PARCC performance levels. While the knowledge and skills contained in the CCSS are necessary for success in both postsecondary education and the workplace, these draft policies are focused on characterizing college readiness and defining entry-level, credit-bearing courses. Addressing career readiness is a priority for PARCC and will include additional future engagement with representatives from the career and technical education and business communities. Based on feedback from PARCC states, the draft policies will be reviewed and revised as necessary before formally adoption in the fall of 2012. After you have reviewed the documents, please reply to the following questions. PARCC will be accepting feedback through 5pm ET on September 21, 2012.
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