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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Sarkisian & Sarkisian [Tours available select dates between April 22-July 25, 2014] Although it employs a single title, Sarkisian & Sarkisian, in fact consists of side-by-side exhibitions of two contemporary artists who happen to be father and son. They work in different media, but share an interest in the artistic device of trompe l'oeil or the use of illusion to fool the eye. Peter Sarkisian (b. 1965, Glendale, California) integrates video, film, and sculpture to challenge our ideas about reality and illusion by shifting video from the screen onto objects and creating moving-image environments that explore what we see and how we perceive it. The paintings by Paul Sarkisian (b. 1928, Chicago, Illinois) covering the years from 1971 to 2009, illustrate his interest in illusion as well as his ongoing exploration of surface and color.