HPU Social Work Competencies/Practice Behaviors Practicum Assessment for SWRK 7900 & 7901

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Section A: Competencies/Behaviors Practicum Assessment (PBPA)

Instructions: • Students: Use your learning agreement as a basis to complete the Practice Behaviors Assessment form below • Supervisors: Use the learning agreement outcomes as a basis for assessing the student’s accomplishments of the PB below. • Each student and supervisor have to complete the PBPA form at the end of each semester of practicum

Goal 1: Professional Development

Graduates continue their professional development to become globally competent social workers, social entrepreneurs and/or leaders in their field.

Goal 2: Values and Ethics

Graduates are professionally competent to practice according to social work values and ethics.

Goal 3: Critical Thinking

Graduates demonstrate critical thinking to apply the generalist perspective, ecosystems theory, and advanced social work methodology to client systems of all sizes.

Goal 4: Cultural Competence

Graduates are culturally competent to analyze and apply the dimensions of diversity and intersectionality with diverse populations in systems of all sizes.

Goal 5: Social & Economic Justice

Graduates implement strategies of social work policy practice and social change that promote human rights and advance socio-economic justice locally, nationally, and globally.

Goal 6: Research & EBP

Graduates demonstrate proficiency to evaluate and apply research-generated data and methods in social work practice.

Goal 7: HBSE

Graduates demonstrate critical analysis to apply theories and practices of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual variables to interactions between individuals and socio-economic system.

Goal 8: Policy Practice

Graduates demonstrate policy practice to ensure effective delivery of social work services to promote social and economic well-being.

Goal 9: Contexts

Graduates develop and apply strategies in response to the changing social/cultural/economic/political contexts at local, national and global levels that influence socio-economic well-being of people.

Goal 10: Advanced Social Work Methodology

Graduates administer the application of generalist perspective, ecosystems theory, and advanced social work methodology to client systems of all sizes.

Section B. Overall assessment of student’s competencies

• The overall assessment is based on section A Students: Please assess your own overall competency in the question below. Supervisors: Please assess your student’s overall competency in the question below

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