Year4000 - Staff application

Are you looking for a staff position on Year4000? If so, you've comed the right place. It's important for you to answer the questions as good as you can, add as many details as you can. Please do not answer "1-line answers". Please note we're looking for mature, profesional and experienced staff. As we want to have the best posible staff at Year4000 Minecraft servers, everyone won't be accepted. Read all the questions accurate, take your time answering Remember that after you've sent your application it's very important to not beg the staff in-game for a rank up, we will look at your application in time. Remember everyone will not get promoted. We do sadly not have time to give a reply to each application, so if you don't get promoted your application has not been accepted. All questions will be safe stored for operators only. We will not share any information to anyone at all. Remember to answer honest, we will catch you if you dont. Read all the questions accurate, take your time answering. Good luck. -Year4000 Operators.
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