Hybrid Teaching Initiative - Fall 2012

Hybrid courses are designed to replace at least 50% of face-to-face classroom time with effective, online activities that increase flexibility and promote active learning.

Hybrid Boot Camp

Because hybrid courses require significant re-thinking of teaching practices and understanding of new technology, we're offering the Hybrid Teaching Initiative workshop series during a two-week period. These hands-on workshops will explore new ways of teaching, and provide training in the use of relevant technology. Faculty will walk away with their own strategy and a prototype lesson for a future hybrid version of their course. The Hybrid Initiative consists of four sessions with two sessions per week. Series: Monday/Wednesday from 9 pm - 12 pm; October 9, 10, 22 and 24. Faculty who attend all sessions and complete and submit a lesson prototype, framework, and a work-plan for a hybrid course that will be at least 50% online may be eligible to receive a stipend of up to $500 (if completed by the end of Spring 2012).
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