Russian study UMD - Russian language learner

Thank you for taking interest in a study that we are conducting here, at the University of Maryland. If you are visiting this page, then you are a native speaker of English and you are either currently learning Russian or have already achieved at least an intermediate proficiency in the Russian language. We invite you to participate in this preliminary survey and screening questions in order to determine whether your Russian proficiency matches what we are looking for in our future participants and that you would suit the requirements of the study in terms of being able to participate in the experiment online (you will find several questions about the technical aspect of it also). This survey should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete. You should expect to hear back from us in the next day or two. Thank you again for your interest!
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In the box below, please, enter your unique participant number, which will include your native language, initials, and the year you were born in. For example, if your name is Mary Anne Pope and you were born in 1979, please, type in 'EnglishMAP1979' (no spaces or dashes) in the space below. Please, remember this number, because, if chosen for participation, you will need to use it later.

To qualify for the online participation

In order to participate in the online version of the experiment, certain conditions should be met. You have to answer 'YES' to all of the questions below to qualify. If you do not meet the online requirements of the experiment and if you are a resident in the Washington, DC area and Maryland and Virginia metro, you can schedule a session on University of Maryland campus in College Park, MD.


Now you will be asked to complete some of the missing part of the words in the text. Feel free to read all of the text first, before you start the task, but it is not necessary. You will need to write the missing part of the word together with the part provided. For example, if you see СТУД....., you should write СТУДЕНТ, and not just ЕНТ.

This is the end of the proficiency assessment task. I will be in touch with you via the email you have provided at the beginning of the questionnaire. Thank you very much for your participation!

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