Sidecastr Sunday Night Football + Walking Dead Social DJ Sign-Up 11/18/2012

The social TV service Sidecastr ( is looking for 2 Superfans: - 1 Sunday Night Football superfan - 1 Walking Dead superfan If you are a good multi-tasker and have good familiarity with Twitter, we need one fan per show to select and tag the 'best' in-the-moment tweets from the raw twitter stream while watching live. We provide a simple browser based tool we call the Twitter Dashboard to make this process, fun, easy, and manageable. Requirements: - 17 or older - a fan of NBC's Sunday Night Football and plan to watch Sunday's game Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers - or a fan of AMC's Walking Dead, live in Eastern or Central timezone and plan to watch Sunday's episode starting at 9p ET/8p CT - typically multi-task while watching TV, often by chatting, texting, or tweeting, or checking into what other fans are saying in real-time on Twitter - are a daily user of social media - have access to a laptop or other comptuer near your TV running Google Chrome or Safari - are able to commit to watching the full time slot you sign up for from start to finish for this time/date - have a PayPal account that accepts money transfers If you meet these requirements then proceed by filling in the short 3 page form below
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